Moop you say? MOOP? What the heck is MOOP? Well, MOOP means Matter Out Of Place, which quite literally is anything that was not in the natural environment before a bunch of people came along and camped on it.. MOOP is the dark matter of our universe; it is evil and must be rooted out and removed from Playa. Anything that was not originally there must be removed from our site after the event and ideally must never hit the ground in the first place.

Just the Handy Tips… Want to have no MOOP? Here are 20 Tips to Totally Tap That…

1. Don’t let it hit the ground. Avoid MOOP hitting the ground in the first place. I say again: don’t let it hit the ground. Ground, hitting, no. Got it? The ground, nothing, on it. OK. Don’t let it hit the ground is all. Like not at all. Or ever. Not once. The ground, the thing at your feet. It is not an ashtray.

2. Plan to pack out things that you know you will need to dispose of responsibly. Got bacon? Bring extra seal-able containers to pack out the grease from cooking. Better yet, pre-cook and vacuum seal at home.

3. Don’t wear MOOPY stuff – feathers are cool on birds but they totally suck on playa, and are almost impossible to catch once they start flying. Your funky body glitter will wear off/rub off (lucky you) and become the worst kind of moop…micromoop. Micromoop kills kittens and makes your LNT lead sad. Boo to Boas.

4. New Mexico is windy! Make sure loose items in your camp are secured, particularly trash bags or grocery bags – our site is over a mile across and that is a long, long way to be chasing a loop de looping grocery bag. Pack grocery items into large plastic storage tubs to avoid the chase. Whilst you are repacking, remove any extra packaging and recycle that shit BEFORE getting to playa.

5. Make a Moop Bag http://earthguardians.net/green_burners_mbag.htm and carry it with you. If you see moop pick it up, if you see others being moopy, point at them and say MOOP! until the moop is no more.

6. Designate a MOOP maestro in your camp who is responsible for all LNT efforts. Whilst you are thinking about moop in your camp, also have a think about presorting your recyclables and bring different colored trash bags to separate out your recycling at the time of use.

7. Check your camp daily. Pick a time. Set a damn alarm clock if you have to.. Bing! Bing! Time to deMOOP… get everyone moop sweeping and ensure that your camp has left no trace.

8. Bring a cup. Carry it with you. Reduce your consumption and impact by eliminating disposable waste.

9. SQUIRREL!! Oh yeah, we have wildlife. Don’t feed the bears or the trolls or chase the dragons.

10. Look very hard the soaps and various lotions and potions you will be using on Playa. Have a stern talk with them. Are they biodegradable? If not explain gently and firmly that they are being left at home and will not be coming to play on playa. Look out for bad traits such as carbolics and phenols. However, still be aware that even biodegradable soaps can cause problems in the environment. Biodegradable soap is NOT biodegradable when it ends up in a river or lake as they need soil to decompose. Avoid any concentrations in one place, and try to evaporate as much of your grey water as possible. A more detailed guide to grey water specific to Enchantment will be included in the survival guide.

11. NO Glow sticks. Not even once. The “once” part is the problem, then they become moop. LED lights/EL wire are great reuseable alternatives.

12. If you KNOW your vehicle seeps oil or other fluids, fix it before coming, otherwise you must put something under it to catch the leak and take this away with you for responsible disposal.

13. Porta-potties are provided for human waste and single ply toilet paper ONLY. That’s it. No tampons, sanitary towels, condoms, cups, cigarette butts, cans, or other trash. If it didn’t come out of your body, it doesn’t go in the potty.

14. If you find anything on Playa that appears to be an artifact, DO NOT DIG!! Please do not remove anything from its context (in-situ). Note the location with a marker. Please do not remove or keep anything that has archaeological significance. This is not our rule, but State law.

15. Conduct a moop sweep of your site on leaving. It is your camp, and is marked on our city plan. You will be called out for anything on your camp site once you have left the site. Do a line sweep when you have packed everything. Mark the corners of your camp (or use the existing markers, do not remove these). Stand your camp members in a line across your camp area and spread your arms, walk forward and pick up moop as you go. When completed sweep again at a 90 degree angle to the first sweep. If you are having difficulty mooping because of low numbers left in camp, ask for help!

16. Volunteer for the final event site moop sweep and LNT grid check on Monday. This is the best part/party of the weekend.

17. Hey. You. Don’t let it hit the ground on your way out either.

18. Do not throw your trash in the first trash can you see leaving the event. The local community is small and cannot cope with your trash on top of their own limited infrastructure. Take it home or to a municipal facility on the way home. A gas station is NOT a municipal facility!

19. Give everyone in your camp a huge hug when the MOOP map comes back GREEN for having left no trace!

20. Continue to leave no trace and reduce your impact in the world after the event. Extend and practice this principle at every opportunity.

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