Welcome to the land of Enchantment! New Mexico’s regional artistic community and burner event, SunBurn, will be held June 30th – July 4th in the Jemez Mountains, NM .

So what is SunBurn? SunBurn is an interactive arts and community driven event that is family friendly and creatively organized. SunBurn is not a rave, commercial music festival, or rainbow gathering.  Rather, SunBurn is is an open, outdoor, collaborative art gallery and performance showcase where artists and creative individuals of all types can connect and interact in a camping environment. The main focus of SunBurn is building art and community.

We operate under 11 guiding principles: radical self-expression, immediacy, gifting, decommodification, LNT, radical inclusion, civic responsibility, communal effort, radical self-reliance, participation, and gratitude. We value the newcomer and place great emphasis on gifting and removing commercial advertising. There are no vendors at our event and no spectators. Everyone who attends is a participant and community member.

Please join the  discussion group on Facebook to meet the community who is creating this incredible event. You can also find our event on Facebook. We want you to participate!

Have special skills to contribute or art you want to bring to the event? Great! We’d love to include you. Please contact us at to register your art or volunteer.

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