Theme camp registration is open! We have some prime camp spots we would love to reserve for you so please let us know about your camp and your camp’s desires.

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Things to think about when bringing a Theme Camp (Every camp can be a theme camp if you add a theme!)

1. How is your camp interactive?

2. Are you a sound camp, a kid’s camp, a circus camp, a quiet camp?  What kind of neighborhood do you want to be in at SunBurn?

3. can you build a web site for your camp?  How many people do you want to provide space for?  What kind of infrastructure do you want to provide for your camp family? Also, we  will ask you to name a Safety lead/ LNT lead/ Sound lead (even if these are all the same person).

4. You will need a a Leave no Trace plan.  We recommend  you read up on the leave no trace principal!

5. How does your camp promote the 11 principals?

6. Expected arrival and departure dates and any extended set up/tear down requirements.

7. What events do you plan to run in your camp and at what time of day. Be sure to get them on our calendar so everyone knows to swing by your camp!

8.  Safety! Will your structures blow away?  Please cover your rebar stakes with tennis balls so noone gets hurt and be sure to light up anything that people walking in the dark might walk into!!! No candles (they are mooopy) or tiki torches as they can cause big fires.

9.  How can you run your camp without a generator?  Can you build a solar power grid?  Generators are loud and stinky!

We are so proud of our event and we are so excited to have many more new families join this community!  Thanks for bringing it!

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