Talks, Workshops, spoken Word at Enchantment!  Yes!

Calling all peeps freaks and geeks!!!! NM Enchantment Burn is looking for people willing to do spoken word performances of any and every sort, type and description. Do you have a topic in which you have expertise? Is there an issue you are passionate about and you want to share your thoughts with the rest of the community? Do you have a workshop or a teach-in that you want to carry out? Do you want to tell a story, share your poetry, or do some stand-up or improvisational comedy? Let us know!!!

Applicants should send the following information to

1. a one paragraph biography/description of yourself and what you do

2. a one paragraph description of your proposed activity

3. The length of your proposed activity (between 10 and 60 minutes)

4. Your preference in terms of the days you want to perform (either Thursday, Friday or Saturday).


Eric Turner
PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology and Criminology
University of New Mexico

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