The Enchantment Art Department would love to assist and support you in bringing art to SunBurn!!!!

Whether you plan to

burn it,

drive it,

spin it,

climb on it,

workshop it,

make it live….

we want to know about it.

We will assist you to connect your project with placement and any other appropriate teams for maximum exposure, fun, and safety.

Some things to think about:

June/July is possibly under a burn ban – In order to burn you will need to be cleared to burn by our fire safety lead.

Safety 3rd is a good joke but really make it your 1st priority from set up, during the event, and at take down!!!

Leave NO Trace!  This means take every single part of the project home with you.  Don’t leave a mess for the LNT crew!

Is your project interactive?  This is a key part of helping burners become participants instead of spectators!

Please email us to register your art – someone from the Art Department will be in touch soon!

Thank you for bringing it.  Art truly makes the event.

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