SunBurn is June 30th-July 4th, 2016. Early entry and late exodus must be pre-approved prior to the event.

Gate Times: SunBurn’s gates open 12 noon on Thursday June 30th and will be open 8am through midnight daily. No entry after midnight.


As we need to restrict traffic on our access roads out of courtesy to our neighbors, we therefore need to restrict in and out access. Please see our re-entry policy on the policies page.


Exodus cut off time will be 4.00 pm Monday 4th July. All participants will need to be off-site at this time, unless you are volunteering for post-event activities and have received clearance from Site Ops to be on-site after Exodus cut-off time.

GTFO will commence at 12 noon Monday with the LNT mass sweep, please plan your leaving time to allow for volunteering to ensure we leave no trace at this wonderful land which has been gifted for our use for the event.Ensure that if you are volunteering for post-event activities that you register your camp as post-event with Gate and collect a marker for your tents/vehicles & other infrastructure to show the GTFO Fairy that you are legit post-event wonderful volunteers.

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